David Fitzgerald

Through out a career that spans for over 32 years, David has always understood that a successful sales career depends very heavily on effective communication, the fundamental sales process (Deliverance of said product and the art of closing the sale) . After talking to hundreds of thousands of prospects and perfecting his craft David found the Key to “The Buying Curve”. But im sure you've heard this sort of hype before which brings to the question Why David Fitzgerald?

David started his career in Europe, then the US, Caribbean and finally in Mexico. He built his career from the bottom up, his numbers are rarely matched in the industry. Many of his trainees are TOP producers in the vacation industry and some went on to Project Directors, Sales Directors, Sales Managers. As a Sales Director, Sales General Manager and TO he has influenced over a billion dollars in sales and with all this experience he then became an author of the best selling book “The Buying Curve”. David is truly a legend in the sales industry, his unique trainings of all dimensions of sales and marketing makes him and his company a must for organizations looking to increase their profits, efficiency and professional portrayal.

Alejandro Riestra

Mr Riestra studied finance at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and later Economy at Evendine College in London.He has been an entrepreneur and business man for 20 years.

Mr Riestra is a permanent advisor for key business men in Puerto Vallarta and has also been involved in politics as campaign manager for independent candidates. He has been invited as a key speaker in international symposiums participating with renowned personalities like Carmen Aristegui from CNN and Mr Halife-Ram Nobel price winner.

Mr Riestra especialices in finding key areas of opportunities for companies and developing procedures to achieve goals and market influence. He is also well known for calling in advance the financial crisis of 2008 and then finding investment opportunities in the middle of it. His in depth knowledge on how crisis happen and how to capitalize on them have been a key factor for his clients.

Mr Riestra is also certified by the AMIB (asociación mexicana de intermediarios bursátiles) and the National Banking commission as a strategic investment advisor. Founding partner at (OFED)* Office for Entrepreneurial Development.

Born Luton England
Started working in vocational products industry

In Spain, for Stella Maris Resort in Sales

Worked at Stella Maris Country Club

Worked at Stella Maris Country Club - Ibiza, Spain.

Worked at The Breakers

Worked at The Breakers - Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Worked at The Ridge Lake

Worked at The Ridge Lake - Tahoe, USA.

Worked at Sunset

Worked at Sunset - Cancun, Mexico

Worked at Plaza Las Glorias

Worked at Plaza Las Glorias - Cancun, Mexico.

Moved to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Working as Sales Manager, Sales Director for Villa Group until 2011 ( 23  years) Generating approx $650,000,000 USD in vacational products. 

Best Speaker Award at ARDA

Best Speaker Award at ARDA (American Resort and Development Association)

Moved to Velas Resorts as Sales Director

Moved to Velas Resort as Sales Director from 2011 till current day generating aprox. $65,000,000 in vacational product sales.

Wrote "Simplifying Timeshare"

Wrote "Simplifying Timeshare" together with Karen Holden.

Wrote the Best Selling sales book

Wrote the Best Selling sales book “The Buying Curve” shown at Toronto, Frankfurt, Beijing and Guadalajara´s World Book Fairs in 2014 and 2015.