Our services guarantee you will have a higher percentage of success. We will work with you on sales consistency, productivity, credibility and tailor-made solutions to your corporate needs, we give you proven sales techniques that will increase your bottom line. The David Fitzgerald Group understands the challenges a sales team has to confront, the challenges the supervisor, managers and sales directors go through. We believe that retaining your Top Guns, shortening the learning curve with the new staff, making them more professional and efficient in their closing percentages is a goal you can reach with our help and support. 
We can teach your sales team effective comunication, to build rapport with their costumers, we can help your managers use better their strengths as leaders and teach them to better use the positive qualities of their teams. All this will translate to more productivity and profit, all this will give you the edge over your competitors, it will give you more tools to weather the changes of the market. We can Tailor-Make solutions for your company that can be measurable in clear results and improvements. 


Our services:

  • Basic sales training
  • Advance sales training
  • Team assesments
  • Individual assesments on: sales staff, managers and directors
  • Sales seminars based on the best selling book "The buying curve" by David Fitzgerald
  • Sales strategies that meet your objetives
  • Online training
Package 1 - Full evaluation and analysis of Sales Team and Sales Process.
  • Individual assessment of all reps to discover their levels of commitment to your organization , natural sales skills and how trainable they are.
  • David taking a ride with one random rep and seeing what really happens.
  • Written report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the Sales Team and Sales Process based on David’s 32 years in the Industry.
Package 2 - Full evaluation and analysis of Sales Team and Sales Process as above (2 days seminar).
  • Day 1 - Selling in today’s market.
    Perceived challenges.
    Small homework assignment.
  • Day 2 - Perceived challenges solved utilizing the buying curve.
    Proven relationship selling techniques utilizing the buying curve.
Package 3 - All of Package 2 plus
  • Quarterly “tune up” sessions personalized to your needs. 
  • Taking rides.
  • Mentoring the Managers to be effective hirers, trainers and motivators.
  • David will show the managers how to take a ride, be hyper aware of surroundings and share some secrets of “the drop”.
  • 1 hour skype conference every month with David and Sales Manager or Director.