David Fitzgerald and Holden

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Sales is an industry that has evolved from the simple wheel to today’s myriad of products or services camouflaged with features, benefits and fluff, led by stellar group of brand name companies. If you are new to sales, frustrated with your current career in sales because of inconsistent numbers or are an old dog that needs a new (proven sales pitch), this really is the only book you will EVER need to unlocking a rewarding career in sales, not just from a production stand point but also by understanding the complete process of the Buying Curve.

The book is split into four parts – The Sale, nine steps of the sales process, delivered in an easy to follow and read format. Most importantly what will increase your sales without effort, in fact easier than what you are currently doing. If you are new to the industry it will insure you get off to the right start with a solid and proven way to make you a top sales person no matter what type of industry you are working in. If you are looking to refresh your old style, look no further this book will take you from ¨snail mail¨ to ¨email and social media¨.
The second part – No Sale – takes a light hearted, but real look at the mistakes we make when we are not selling and the impact it has on us (a must read for all). The third section, How do we really fix what went wrong in our sales pitch? The last section, Coming Full Circle relates to what is needed in selling to today’s media savvy prospect who know their options, that shop around with a touch of a smart phone or mouse click, and how they become your greatest asset or your downfall.
David’s big pleasure is to teach how to REALLY do it and is passionate about doing so, so after many years of watching sales people’s frustrations he decided to take all his experience and share the REAL DEAL The Buying Curve to the world. Reading this book is going to make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster at times not a curve but rest assured when you finish reading it, it will be the ride that will change your life.
If you are new to sales, have been frustrated with your current career in sales because of inconsistent numbers, or are an old dog that needs a new (proven sales pitch) this book is the only one you will EVER need. Most Sales Book Authors kind of know how to sell, but would rather capitalize on their penmanship than get on a table and prove it. There is so much money to be made in actually selling, but book writing is easy because you have an audience that needs your product more than a week of timeshare in a pre-construction resort in a place you will never return to, especially when the ONLY reason they went to check it out was for a freebie and breakfast.